Drive Like A Fighter Pilot – Garmin Head Up Display

Drive Like A Fighter Pilot   Garmin Head Up Display

Navigation experts Garmin have announced what I think is the coolest add on to your smartphones navigation app.This small HUD (Heads-Up Display) unit connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth, and beams pertinent navigation information on to a small screen attached to your car windshield or to an included reflector screen.

Using the Navigon app for Android or Windows Phone, the Garmin HUD can tell you directions, your speed, ETA, traffic and safety tips, and even offer lane assist to help keep traffic flowing. Along with easy to see turn indicators, the Garmin HUD will help keep your eyes on the road instead of on your phone’s display. To round out the features, the HUD even offers USB power pass-through to keep your phone charging while using the system for navigation.

Obviously this device will make using a navigation app safer as your eyes are on the road, but for me this turns my Renault Megane into the F-22 Raptor (cue the top gun theme) .

Drive Like A Fighter Pilot   Garmin Head Up Display

Source Garmin

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  • Martin

    Cool, any idea on price? I’m guessing ~£100ish :(

  • buff69

    Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe.
    Unfortunately, we are not yet supplying the Garmin HUD in Europe until August / September time.
    Please keep an eye on our website fro more information when this will be available.
    As of yet we have not got a UK price.