Roxfit Bumper case for Sony Xperia Z – Review

Shortly after getting the Sony Xperia Z I decided that it just felt a little too delicate for my liking. I wasn’t happy taking it out until I had a case.

The nice glass backplate of the Xperia Z shouldn’t be covered up really, so I looked for a bumper style case and came across the Roxfit clear bumper.

Here are my good and bad points about the case

Good Points

  • Lightweight
  • Leaves back uncovered
  • Offers protection to front and back as the bumper sits proud of the screen

Bad Points

  • Makes the Xperia Z thicker
  • Ports are fiddly to access
  • Almost too grippy which makes pocket manoeuvring difficult


A bumper case just wraps around the edges of a phone and leaves the front and back of the phone open to the elements.┬áThis bumper is made of a tough flexible grippy non slip silicone with a clear plastic strip running around the middle, the bumper has cut outs for the Micro USB port and the headphone port. For access to the SIM card or the Micro SD card you’ll need to remove the whole thing.

In Use

In use the bumper case for the Xperia Z offered good protection from placing the Xperia down on a surface or a light drop. If you dropped it on a uneven surface you could still break the glass. One problem I tend to always come across with cases that have some grippy silicone elements, is that they grip onto things, stuff like fluff from the inside of my pockets and also my actual pockets.

The bumper case didn’t add much weight to the Xperia Z it just added a good few extra millimetres which made removing from my pockets even harder. I guess I shouldn’t be wearing trousers with smallish pockets.

The case does cover up the memory card slot, the SIM card slot and also the dock connection points. If any of these are needed you’ll need to remove the bumper, which is a fairly easy task to do.


The Roxfit Bumper is a pretty good case that allows you access to the main ports of the Xperia Z and also offers some protection to the more delicate parts of the device. I also liked how the bumper barely added any weight at all.

You can get the Roxfit Bumper case from Mobilefun along with some other cases for the Xperia Z here.