Three lower One Plan price

In a time when networks are in the news for putting up prices here in the UK, one network is going the other way and offering even better value than they did before.

Three have knocked down the price of their “One Plan” 12 month SIM-only to just £15 per month. That’ll bag you all-you-can-eat data, 2000 minutes of talk-time, 5000 texts and 5000 Three-to-Three minutes.

The price drop only reflects SIM only plans remember but if you already have a phone then this could be the deal for you.

Three lower One Plan price

Three lower One Plan price

For just £15 a month on a sim only deal customers can now get 2000 Minutes, 5000 Texts, 5000 Three-to-Three Minutes as well as AYCE data which INCLUDES tethering so you can use as modem on the move.

If you do not want a 12 month sim and prefer the 30 day option then the exact same deal is on offer at just £18 a month!

Considering Three already have 80% of their network covered by DC-HSDPA under the brand ‘Ultrafast’ and has promised 4G will roll out later this year at no extra cost over your existing deal it makes it a pretty amazing offer and one many will jump at the chance.

EE are the only network in the UK to offer 4G right now and their lowest deal for unlimited minutes, texts and just 500MB of data will cost you £21 a month on a 12 month plan which just shows how unbelievable the deal from Three really is.

To sign up just visit your local store or

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  • Billinge

    I snapped this offer up this morning. Three said pretty much every call they are getting at the moment is about this.

  • Daniel Noakes

    Are you sure this includes tethering? The Price Guide explicitly states “The One Plan contract (handset and SIM)”.

    Want to tether?
    If you are on The One Plan contract (handset and SIM) we’re happy for you to tether, this means you can connect your phone to other devices via USB or WiFi to connect to the internet. If you’re not on The One Plan, you can get a Mobile Internet Add-on, or a Tethering Add-on. See page 5 for how to get one.

    • the_prof

      Yeah, I’d be amazed if they dropped the price to just £15 a month and it included tethering still. If this is the case, and they have killed the tethering, I’d rather pay the old price thanks very much. I’m quite sick of being restricted with tethering, and then having to put up with measly allowances for the data plans which do allow it.

      • GordonAndroidGopher

        it includes tethering, no fair usage

        • the_prof

          Wow, I am officially amazed! Good deal

    • GordonAndroidGopher

      It 100% does include tethering. I chew through up to and over 100gb per month.