The Motorola Moto X is starting to shape up

The Motorola Moto X is starting to shape up
Motorola are slowly releasing information about one of their upcoming new Android devices, the Moto X seems like it is going to be a uniquely customisable device, unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

Rumours are that you’ll be able to be pick a custom colour back plate and also some other parts of the device in a matching or contrasting kind of way. The annoying part is that Motorola seem to have developed an aversion to the UK. Their last generation of devices barely made it to us here in the UK and all of the latest info is pointing at a US release.

ABC have apparently been told the following about the upcoming Moto X.

Through a website, buyers will be able to select from a palette of different colors. One color can be used for the back case and another can be selected for the trim of the phone. Users will also be able to engrave a name or message on the back cover as well as upload a personal photo through the site to be used as the wallpaper on the phone’s screen, according to people familiar with the rollout.

An image of the backplate has leaked out showing some of the colours available.
The Motorola Moto X is starting to shape up

So you pick your own back, trim, wallpaper and engraving. It all sounds fun but potentially gimmicky. If I could make a black and orange phone, or white and black or green and yellow I’d be sold. The Moto X is also meant to come with Android 4.2.2 as well. The Moto X is also meant to come with a range of intelligent features dealing with gestures and movements. The interesting thing will be how this is sold, will it another Play Store device, how will networks cope with the colour choices? How much will the thing cost?

How about you? Are you just being realistic and not getting excited as Motorola probably won’t bother with the UK? Let us know.

Via – Android Central
Source – ABCAndroid Community