The end of a special relationship.

The end of a special relationship.

If you’ve followed my mutterings on Twitter then you’ll know that I recently made a big change in my life.

We’ve actually been together since 1995, so I tried my best to work things out. However, recently I decided that it would probably be best if we went our separate ways. This has caused me a lot of inner turmoil.

Yes, I’ll admit that it was partially my fault. Yes, I was unfaithful. I looked around, I tried new things and found that others could offer more.

So yesterday it was time to finish it. After 18 years, I ended my Orange contract.


I’ve always dabbled with other networks when reviewing handsets, plus I’ve started carrying a couple of phones around now, but my “main” handset has always been a contract phone with Orange. Due to my increased use of data and the fact that I don’t need to upgrade, I’ve decided to switch to GiffGaff on a monthly SIM-only deal. Unlimited data and texts for ÂŁ12? That’ll do me.

It could be a temporary measure in the end, but I don’t see the need to pay contract rates which subsidise a phone I’ve effectively finished paying for now. Plus, with Orange bumping up the prices mid-way through my contract and my workplace getting glorious GPRS constantly, I’ve switched to a network that offers me what I need at a lower price. SIM only also has other benefits in that I can switch to a full contract later down the line if I need to.

Orange, however, don’t make it easy. I told them a little white lie – I said that my employers had given me a mobile and I could move my number over. Sure, I have a work mobile, but in truth I don’t want to port my number across to it. However, it’s a way of getting the PAC code quickly, plus it avoids spending ages on the phone to the Retentions Department as they try and tempt you with other contract deals. I have the will-power of a chocolate-lover in the Cadbury factory.

Even so, Orange had placed a gorgeous-sounding girl on the line with a beautifully soft southern Irish accent. Somehow I remained strong and, within a couple of minutes, the divorce was complete.

I’ll let you know how things proceed from here but, like banks, many people choose not to switch and stay with one provider for a long time. Make that break if you see a better deal, you’ll feel much better for it.