Samsung Galaxy NX promo video

Samsung Galaxy NX promo video
The Samsung Galaxy NX may seem like the ideal device to many people, it basically ticks every single box, apart from maybe the lightweight one, the compact one or maybe the budget one. Either way it’s an interesting device and Samsung have posted a video on their YouTube channel showing off some of the features of the Galaxy NX. Samsung have the following to say about the NX

World’s first interchangeable lens camera with LTE

Everything you wanted to know about the GALAXY NX is in this video, from its Android 4.2 Jellybean to the 30+ Smart Modes, including new features like Photo Suggest which gives you location-based recommendations for impressive photos. All of these components are packed into a sleek all-black body with a 4.8-inch HD scLCD display and a command dial for seamless navigation and sharing.

Can you see yourself forking out a good chunk of cash on this? Personally I think it is a step too far and most people will just skip it. I know I certainly will.

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