Motorola Moto X is the first phone you can design yourself

Motorola Moto X is the first phone you can design yourself

The eagerly anticipated Motorola Moto X smartphone is going to something designed by you! Wow, sounds cool huh? Tell me more…

Well, all we can tell you is that there’s an advert that’s been leaked that says just that. See below if you don’t believe me (click for larger).

Motorola Moto X is the first phone you can design yourself

Personally I quite like the first sentence – anything with the mention of burgers grabs my attention – but what they mean by designing the Moto X yourself is anyone’s guess. Exchangeable coloured shells? Done by Nokia. Customisable backplates? Done by Alcatel. Send them plans that they create using a 3D printer? Now that’d be cool! Who knows?

What do you think it means? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source – AdAge

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  • Maff Mace

    “What do you think it means?” I think it means US only, leaving out a massive market.
    The jumping people are making an XI, so something to do with 11 (November? 11th July?)

  • Troy Dyall

    Gonna be like when you order pc off dell. you can choose your ram, screen resolution, battery size. maybe even sim card slot. now that would interest me!

    • the_prof

      That’d be good, but it would be completely impractical, since smartphone manufacture is neither standardised, nor modular. There would end up being so many iterations of the same device, which I can’t see being cost-effective. It certainly wouldn’t be cheaper, and no doubt to get around the issues, the phone chassis would have to be quite big.

      You can do this with a PC, since the contents of most PCs are mostly air. I do like the idea though! I’m pretty sure this will be nothing impressive, and it’s just a ‘marketing thing’.

      • Troy Dyall

        fingers crossed….

  • John Harris

    Damn shame; I’m a die hard Google advocate but I never thought I’d see the day when they would try to steal another company’s thunder; Has anyone heard of ClearJOY yet? If haven’t GOOGLE IT!!! LOL

  • Matt Ireland

    Plans to make your own with a 3d printer? Done by Nokia with the Lumina 520 and 820.