AfterShokz Bluez open ear Bluetooth headphones now in the UK

AfterShokz Bluez open ear Bluetooth headphones now in the UK

Having headphones or an earpiece wedged in your ear is great. You can make calls without faffing with your phone or MP3 player and you can block out the world. However, the trouble with these is that… you can block out the world.

Now these AfterShokz Bluez headphones will let you listen to tunes and it won’t cover your ears. For £99.95 the music gets into your head by firmly vibrating your bone. They sit snugly on your head and are ideal for you sporty types who like to listen to tunes whilst running but like hearing traffic too.

Clever “ear bone conduction” technology means that your music is fed into your ears magically without the need to wedge anything into your lug-holes.

AfterShokz Bluez open ear Bluetooth headphones now in the UK

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  • Martin

    Wierd, so the little pad things don’t sit over your ear opening but in front and on your cheek? I’m currently using some in-ear jobbies on my train commute. They are great, they block out the sound of other commuters and work really well (Sennheiser 300s), the only thing is they are bloody horrible for anything but sitting still. When I walk or on occasion run they create a really awful sensation and I have to take them out. I don’t like the ones that sit on the ear, (like the ones you get with an iPhone) as you have to have them pretty loud on a train to be able to hear them and that just annoys the other passengers. I’d get a set of full over ear cans but I’d look like a right twat (yes even more than normal), these look like they could be the ideal compromise. I bet they have to press into your cheek pretty firmly to transmit the sound well enough though.

    • martin clinton

      I ummed and ahhed for ages before finally getting some Bluetooth headphones, and for convenience and size I ended up going with Plantronic Backbeat Go’s. Pretty small and short cable means you don’t get the rubbing noise transferred, they charge via micro usb socket behind a flap on the right earpiece, and pair well with both my work iphone and personal nexus 4….only a shame is they’re not multipoint.