Xperia Z Tablet coming to Three

Whilst we have had no official press release, no information on pricing and no video from the team talking about the new Xperia Z Tablet, it has appeared over on their ‘Coming Soon’ section of the UK site thus confirming it will be coming shortly.

Xperia Z Tablet coming to Three

The Xperia Z Tablet is a very nice well built device biased on the Xperia Z smartphone and is not only packing a stunning 1080p screen but is also water resistant so you do not need to worry dropping it in the bath when relaxing to a good film

There is no information on price or availability yet, but expect it to be on a 24 month contract offering generous data allowances of up to 15GB

Also worth remembering is the Z Tablet is a 4G device so once the network gets switched on later this year you can enjoy even faster internet on the move

Link: Three Coming Soon