Some information about our anniversary podcast

Good afternoon guys and girls, it’s been a week or two since our last podcast and there is a good reason for that. It’s mainly because most of us went on holiday at the same time but also because we’ve been gathering the troops in preparation for episode 52 of our podcast.

Yes you read that right, we have been doing the podcast for a year now, and to celebrate the fact not only are we amassing a huge crowd of writers to take part we are also going to be having a few competitions. You’ll be able to win stuff. Ranging from accessories, phones, vouchers and whatever stuff I can find at home.

So how do you enter? Well, you’ll need to listen to the podcast over the weekend and answer the questions we ask on the show via email and the rest is just down to the luck of the draw.

We’ll be recording the podcast on Friday night and we should be publishing it Saturday morning. You’ll have until Monday 8th of July to listen to the podcast and get your entries in.

Good luck people.

Update – Just to raise your excitement levels a bit we have the following manufacturers/retailers/companies on board to provide prizes.

Virgin Mobile

We might even add a few more later today.