Do you text in sick? You’re not the only one

We’ve had an email from a company called Intercity Telecom. They’re trying to get us to mention their Orbit system, which lets you access your desk phone, mobile, instant messaging and email all in one place. A lot of companies do this, but they add a survey in that’s relevant to our site, just to get us to mention them. Gah. How shallow. We’ll not be falling for that.

Anyway, they’ve released a survey which shows that more than a third of British workers (38%) have used email or text to tell their boss they were sick and unable to work. Yeah right…

Do you text in sick? Youre not the only one

Personally I think they should be asking “How many of you couldn’t be bothered to go into work, and sent a text instead of having to do that ‘sick voice’?”

Oh wait, they did, and apparently a quarter of men admitted to faking a sickie.

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  • Martin

    Texting is such a cop out. It is not allowed at my place of work. If we are going to be off work then we have to ring in and not to work mates it has to be our manager, or one of the managers.
    I get to work at home on a regular basis (when I’m doing an early shift, 5am starts!). If I am on a normal day shift and I’m feeling a bit iffy am and not up to the journey in to work I will email in and then work from home.