What is it with the Google Play Store and the UK?

What is it with the Google Play Store and the UK?
Yesterday night the Google editions of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 became available on the Google Play Store. Or they did if you’re in the US anyway.

These new Google editions joined the white version of the LG Nexus 4, which also isn’t available in the UK. So how come? I’ve repeatedly asked LG why the Nexus 4 in white isn’t available in the UK and haven’t ever had a positive response. HTC and Samsung have also both not said anything about the Google editions for the UK either. I guess we just have to sit and wait or buy a normal version and hack it.

HTC are rumoured to be releasing a ROM to flash on the normal One as long as you’ve unlocked the bootloader etc. But this isn’t really consumer level stuff now is it.

Personally I wouldn’t have bought either as they both have their flaws for my needs, but no doubt many people out there would have. So have your say, would you have bought one? Will just hack a normal one? Couldn’t you care less? Are you happy with Sense or Nature UI?

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  • Eric

    If you buy the phone unlocked direct from HTC then I do not see why they can not offer you the choice of both experiences. Why do you need ‘edition’ versions when it is just software?

    • Paul

      i agree. If there is a stock ROM available, then give users the choice of a “Sense UI” add-on/apk to install on top. At least that way, we can upgrade immediately when the latest stock Android is available, and only have to wait for HTC to test and update Sense to work with it.

  • phillip norton

    I’ve had both the HTC one and the s4 but I prefer my Xperia z.I sold my HTC one to buy the s4 then I had it stolen so I bought the Sony as I disliked both

  • Paul

    so would Zoe, Beats Audio and the IR blaster work on the stock ROM?

    • Eric

      Zoe: no
      Beats Audio:Beats: yes
      IR: not sure, but do not see why not
      +Blinkfeed: No

    • James Pearce

      Hi Paul

      The HTC Google edition is meant to have an updated camera app (no zoe mode though) and beats audio works. I’ve read a few reviews where they’ve had problems with the IR blaster.

      It’s more for hardcore android fans.

    • Paul

      Thanks for the reply chaps