HTC One. How’d you fancy a 24 Carat Gold version?

HTC One. Howd you fancy a 24 Carat Gold version?

I know what you’re thinking. “What am I going to do with the 2 grand in my back pocket?”

Well, you could get yourself one of these, a brand new HTC One plated in either Gold for £1895, Rose Gold for £1995 (don’t ask me the difference) or, if you have an extra few quid, Platinum for £2095.

You can choose either 32GB or 64 GB versions and all phones are delivered in a crafted presentation box.

You could take a spray can to your existing HTC One, but the guys at Goldgenie do it a lot better, plus it’s real. They’ve been on Dragons Den too.

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  • Martin

    Oooh pwetty,seriously, how the hell can people justify wasting this amount of money on a phone? Do they not know it just makes them look like a right dickhead?

    And another thing…how come the rose gold is more than the gold gold one? They’ve added copper to make it red?

    Wow, I’ve woken um grumpy this morning!

  • Paul

    Some people have too much money. I just checked out GoldenGenie’s web site and their “Celebrity Clients” section. I can think of another word for them when they buy unnecessary extravagance.