Pop-ups and notifications driving you mad?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but never got around to it. This is a problem that every Android user has encountered at one time or another. You’ve probably been sitting there at home, or you’ve left your phone on overnight and suddenly you hear your phone beep, vibrate and you instantly think someone is trying to send you a text or email.

Sadly it’s not. Instead, your notifications tray is filling up with junk. Messages from those free games you downloaded which gleefully tell you how many coins you could get if you bought the in-app purchase, or how Fluffykins needs feeding, or how you can get free stars in the new level on Wobbleland. Annoying.

There’s a couple of ways to fix this. Firstly, if you remember, Press and hold on the annoying notification in question until “App Info” appears. This will take you into the settings for the app in question and you can then un-tick “Show Notifications”. You’ll then receive a little warning, saying that the app won’t be able to inform you of “Important updates”, but hey, that’s what you want. 😉

Pop ups and notifications driving you mad?

If you forget to do it when a notification pops up, or want to check all the apps, go into Settings and then Apps or Application Management to show all your installed stuff.

Pop ups and notifications driving you mad?

A list of apps will appear, then it’s just a matter of clicking into each one and deselecting that “Show Notifications” setting.

Pop ups and notifications driving you mad?

Hopefully this should help some of you. My son installs stacks of free games on my wife’s phone and this is always driving her mad. This tweak should stop those nighttime noises… from your phone at least. 😉