New and innovative ways to use your smartphone

New and innovative ways to use your smartphone

How would you feel if you were classed as legally blind by the age of 17? That’s what happened to Simon Wheatcroft. He’s decided to talk to the people at Carphone Warehouse about his condition and how he's overcoming his diagnosis of Retinis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition which, a few years down the line, now means he’s lost 90% of his eyesight.

New and innovative ways to use your smartphone

Simon loves to run and quite openly admits that his smartphone is his connection to the world. Not only that, but his Samsung Galaxy handset helps to keep him on the road. Initially he started out running up and down a short closed road with Run Keeper, an app which I gives audio feedback. However, after a while Simon found that running up and down one straight piece of road was pretty dull, so he switched to the normal roads and has now found that he can tell where the turns in the road are based on the instructions from the app.

To be honest I’ve seen adverts before, but this video is an excellent demonstration of how a smartphone has really changed and improved the quality of life. Simon also uses the audio assistant (S-Voice) on his Samsung handset to transcribe tweets, which keeps him touch with others and means that he can run in groups too.

This really is a great video to watch and it’s really interesting to see how Simon uses his smartphone to enhance his life. It also highlights and raises awareness for this eye condition. There are other stories and intriguing solutions too, just click Smarter World from Carphone Warehouse for more.

There’s other videos which are really worth a watch too, and it’s fantastic to see people using their smartphone for more than just checking Facebook and calling. More detail –

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