Nokia stops Symbian production

It has been coming since that infamous memo when Stephen Elop described it as a burning platform but Nokia have finally announced that they will be stopping production of Symbian phones some point this summer.

Symbian was launched with the 7650 back in 2002 and was utilised on a wide range of phones including the top selling N95 and the rest of the N-series. It made the jump to touchscreens, somewhat unsuccessfully, with the last phone being the Pureview 808.

With the Lumia range now overtaking the Symbian range in sales worldwide, Nokia is pulling the plug before further decline.


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  • Owen Haigh

    7650 was released in 2002 not 1997!!!

    • Iain McLaren

      Oops dodgy reading of sources, will get that changed.

  • weirdstuff

    Alas poor Symbian, you powered my N95 with such enthusiasm and it was, despite some flaws, a pretty fine smartphone for its time. As that was my first, proper-proper smartphone I will always have a fond place in my heart for you… RIP