iOS 7 ‘Still a work in progress’ claims TNW

iOS 7 Still a work in progress claims TNW

Many people have differing opinions on iOS 7’s re-design, and many people have taken to the internet to express these views, including myself. However, whether you are a lover or hater of the new design, you cannot argue that Apple held back their visions and ideas.

TNW‘s Matthew Panzarino states that iOS 7’s icons were created by the Apple marketing department, this then carried through to the style of the OS. Its designers were then told to design the ‘interiors’, this means that  there was minimal communication between the various teams, causing the designers to compete with their various apps, causing the inconsistencies within the OS.

Finally, Panzarino says that iOS 7 is still very much a work in progress, and the WWDC version and first beta are just a midway point, and that every design element, from the control centre chevron, to the whole iconography.

I’ll keep this post updated as I see and here more throughout the beta.