Be part of a TV documentary, get involved here

Be part of a TV documentary, get involved here

Yes, it’s happened at last. We all knew that it was just a matter of time, but now I’ve received an email from someone working on a TV show and they want young, handsome people who love smartphones. They want me in it, so I’m going to be famous. Hollywood, here I come!!

Oh wait.. no..actually I’ve just read it again and it is worded slightly differently, and they actually want to speak to you guys. Doah..

Mandi Hart is part of a production team working on a feature-length documentary about smartphones and their impact on personal lives, families and society. She’s looking for individuals with personal stories about smartphone overuse and/or addiction. This is where you come in.

This is for a documentary that’ll appear on TV in the USA, but they’re interested to hear from you no matter where you are. So, if you think that you’d be unable to get through the day without your phone, or if you’re using the whole battery in 3 hours because you’re addicted to the thing, give her an email on [email protected]

They’re looking forward to hearing your story!