Three add new Ultrafast MiFi

On picking up the latest Three UK price guide today I came across a new device listed which is not even on the website yet and that is a new MiFi using the ‘Ultrafast’ technology.

The device is made by Huawei and is called the E5756 and is an addition to the older value product which only supported speeds of up to 21Mbps.

Three add new Ultrafast MiFi

Something worth pointing out is that although the E5756 is classed as ‘Ultrafast’ it is not 4G compatible so if you are looking to get one ready for 4G then best hold off for now.

There was a premium MiFi available before until all of a sudden it seemed to vanish from stores and online so it is great to see a new high speed MiFi back once again.

Also a great addition to this new MiFi is it now supports up to 10 connections at the same time, a big improvement over the 5 found on older devices.

When it comes to pricing both PAYM and PAYG are available.

  • 1GB over 24 months will cost you £15.49 a month
  • 15GB over 24 months will cost you £21.10 a month
  • 5GB over 1 month will cost you £19.99 a month plus £49.99 upfront

If you are looking for the PAYG option then you will pay

  • £79.99 including 1GB starter pack
  • £89.99 including 3GB starter pack

So far it seems stores do not have stock yet and it is not on the website either, however being in their June brochure it is expected to be available shortly.