Retro, baby – Snake is back!

Retro, baby   Snake is back!

Do you remember Snake? Back in the days of the earlier Nokia handsets I remember playing the brand-new “Snake” game in the pub… oh, no sorry.. err.. I mean I was in Primary school. Yes, that’s where I was.

Now, just a couple (ahem) of years later Carphone Warehouse have brought it back in the form of an online retro version and you get the chance to win a phone too. Just head over to the game page and hit “Enter draw”. The phone you choose to play on is the phone you could win in the competition. You can check your score against others too.

Now sure, you can have your Samsung Galaxy S4 or your iPhone 5, but I’ve suddenly got a need to rummage around the shed for an old Nokia. Proper old skool baby. No Twitter, no Facebook, no picture messages. Just text messages, phone calls and Snake. Boom!

Anyone remember playing two player whilst pointing the IR ports together or was that just a dream I had?