Alert! Random cheap tablet news item

Alert! Random cheap tablet news item

I know you. I know you well. I sneak around in your kitchen when you’re out. I know that you’ve got wine that people gave you years ago that you still haven’t drunk. I know that you have that sandwich toaster and you’ve not used that for years either. Tsk.

But, I know something else too. I know that when you think “budget Android tablet” you instantly think “Busbi 1GHz Boxchip tablet”.

Alert! Random cheap tablet news item

Oh yes, and today is your lucky day my friend. Today it’s down to £49.98, which is ten whole British pounds and one whole penny off the original price (ignore the picture at the top, it is actually £49.98).

It’s got a 7″ capacitive screen and that 1GHz CPU and a Mali 400 Graphics processor to make things a bit less painful. There’s 512MB memory and 4GB on-board storage plus a microSD slot so that you can add even more. It runs Android 4.0.4 and has WiFi plus a 2300mAh battery.

Right. I’m off, and I’m taking the alphabetti spaghetti too. Oh, don’t forget, the Busbi tablet comes with a 2 year warranty, which actually makes it not bad at all. We’re not sure if Google Play or any of the other Google apps are on there though.

Link – ebuyer

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