Android App Review – LatteScreen by AppDisco

I’m always up for making a few quid, given today’s economical climate, and all that.  So when Leigh told me of an app that makes you rich, I jumped at the chance to review it.  Wahey – who doesn’t like the sound of that?  Just unlock your phone, look at the simple yet attractive adverts, (it says here) and here comes the cash.  Simples! Android App Review   LatteScreen by AppDisco

And you know what?  It really is that easy.  Oh g’wan then – there is only ickle thing which might mean that dream of sunning yourself on a yacht in the Bahamas is slightly further away that you would have thought.  Read on…

After you’ve downloaded and install the app on your phone (I used my Galaxy S3), the first you need to do is create a account/profile, so that the included adverts are ones which pertain to your interests, be in sports, games, shopping, news, yadda yaddda,.  You can change a few options here, but not much really, and that’s it.  You can also withdraw your accrued cash via Paypal too, so if you haven’t got a Paypal account, you’re going to need one with  LattteScreen.

So when you unlock your phone in the usual way, your presented with the advert, also showing the present date and time too.  To ‘swipe’ your finger accross the screen, you’ve got two options – swipe to the right for straight screen unlock (for a smaller cash amount) or swipe to the left to see the advert in detail, often a Google Play page or a web page.  (for more money). Of course, there’s nothing to do stop you close the pop up browser window with a tap of the finger.

Android App Review   LatteScreen by AppDisco

Swipe! Money!

Android App Review   LatteScreen by AppDisco

Cash out (several months later though )

Now I unlock my screen quite a few time day, and I’ve been using LatteScreen for about a week.  So I’ll pop into the main app to withdraw my wealth, then I’ll better pack my suitcase, eh?   Dum tidlly d….eh?  I’ve accrued the princely sum of £0.962!  Ninety six bimmin’ pence!  I must say, I was hoping for more, but then the amount for viewing the advert detail on unlocking is £0.015 – for unlocking with no detail gives you £0.005! For a week of advert viewing is not obviously worth as much as you’d think; not even a pound, it seems.  For a year, you’ll be looking at about 50 quid.   Oh.

The lockscreen advert changes every hour – once you gained either £0.015 or £0.005 – you can’t ‘earn’ anymore within an hour.  Any more unlocks within your hour show ‘free’ – whether you swipe left or right.  So no, you can’t get rich by just spending all day unlocking your screen.  Pity, that.

I’m not giving up work just then!