Three launch a new SIM-only data plan, but we’re not happy

Three launch a new SIM only data plan, but were not happy

I’ve got a SIM card here from Three. It’s on the SIM Zero plan which the network doesn’t actually do any longer. For £5 I get 2GB of data per month. Sure, I don’t get any calls or texts included, but for my tablet or secondary smartphone it’s fine.

Today Three have announced a new 30-day rolling SIM-only contract which, just like the SIM Zero plan, costs a mere £5 per month.

Trouble is, it includes just 250MB of data allowance, which is a lot less.

Three tell is that the new one month plan is…

Perfect for sending the odd email or surfing the web, this mobile broadband plan offers great value for people using data when not in a Wi-Fi zone.

Yes, the ODD email, but don’t go trying to stream music or watch videos on YouTube, because you’ll end up in a world of pain.

Bring back SIM Zero guys!!

Update – Since posting this Three have been in touch to say that the plan is being delayed. We’ll let you know when we have more information.

Link – Three

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  • Martin

    Is that it, 250meg-o-data? no minutes, no texts? £5 for that? Rubbish, just rubbish, are they trying to out EE, EE?

    • I think that Three would have to go some to be as uncompetitive as EE currently is on its 4G tariffs.. but as I said above, I think Three is probably hoping that people will take the risk at just £5 and then experience the very impressive speeds on Three and trade-up to get more data quite quickly.

      • Martin

        What I don’t understand is why do a 250meg one for £5 when they do a 1gig one for £7:50?

        • That’s a good point. I suppose it’s a way to attract a wider audience – especially those who have no idea how much 250MB actually is in relation to anything.

  • 250MB does seem a bit too low these days. I think that 0.5GB or even 1GB would have been better, without putting any serious strain on the network.

    It’s unlikely anyone would get this tariff to use data heavily, so the data use will be quite sporadic over a month anyway. I guess Three hopes that if people do start to need more data, they’ll trade up to a more expensive tariff or pay the extra per-MB charges and is the reason for creating this tariff in the first place.

  • Paul Sleight

    My two – year Three business contract ends soon, I have to say I’m seriously considering the Ovivo deal, I think I could manage to keep within the limits and pay the big fat £0! But I have been a fan of Three since I joined and like the coverage & speed, just need them to come up with an affordable plan that would compare to Ovivo for under £10/month say.

  • Gareth

    I’ve still got my old PAYG SIM which for a £5 top-up gives you 5000 3 to 3 minutes, 20 texts and 2GB of data. Good times!