Let’s go Funkyfast

Lets go FunkyfastThree are now branding their dual-channel HSDPA as something different. Something new. Something exciting.

Sure, while EE are calling their 4G network “superfast”, Three call theirs “ultrafast”.

So what’s better? Ultrafast or Superfast? Well, I’m not totally sure, but I somehow want to create a network myself and call it “Funkyfast”. Yeah. You’d buy into that wouldn’t you? Get yourself a network with Funkyfast.

Anyhow, Ultrafast, superfast, DC HSDPA, it’s all a bit confusing. So Three have decided to let you know just how close this is to 4G. Yes, the face-changing speed is now the “Ultrafast 3.9G” network.

Yes, 3.9G. Personally I would’ve gone with “Funkyfast FreeG”, but who am I to decide huh?

The 3.9G network now covers 80% of the country and they’ve reiterated the fact that their 4G service, when it does launch, won’t cost you any extra.