HTC One Google Edition officially unveiled

HTC One Google Edition officially unveiled

Everyone knew it was coming, and now Sundar Pichai has revealed the phone that everyone has been waiting for live on stage at the D11 conference.

It’s the same amazing hardware that everyone has been raving about, minus Sense and plus some stock Android goodness. The model will have 32GB of memory, support LTE on T-Mobile and AT&T in the US, and be available on the Play Store on 26 June for $599. That’s $50 less than the GS4 Google Edition which releases on the same day.

No new yet on UK availability, but we’re hoping it can’t be too far off.

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  • weirdstuff

    Still don’t understand the ‘US only’ part, maybe the supply problems are worse than previously stated?

    • Seems to be a Google thing – the S4 Google edition is US only as well.
      Still, the ROMs are sure to make it over here pronto :-)