Are you and your HTC One a bit lost?

Are you and your HTC One a bit lost?

HTC just seem to suffer from one problem after another, some days I feel sorry for them. But this time it isn’t their fault something has gone wrong, it’s Google with their new overly complicated “Google Settings” app.
Are you and your HTC One a bit lost?
The Google Settings app has a section about apps using Google+ to sign in. Google Now pretty much needs a GPS fix all of the time and it is this connection between the services that is causing problems with some owners of the HTC One. This bug seems to be causing problems for users of apps like FourSquare. Personally I’m not having a problem with mine, I don’t have any services installed that call upon Google+ sign in. Yay.

If you are affected you can do a few things, sit down and cry for a bit, then head over to this Google support thread to see other people getting cross about the problem, next you can try these steps from the thread.

  1. Go to the Google Settings app

  2. Select Apps with Google+ Sign In

  3. Find the app that’s causing the sign-in problem in the list

  4. Select Activities visible via Google to

  5. Change the presented setting (i.e. from Public to Your Circles)

If that succeeds, the problem should be solved and you can repeat the above steps to return to your preferred settings.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the app causing the problem (Settings app > Apps with Google+ Sign In > App > Disconnect App), which should have a similar effect.

Google are aware of this problem and are hopefully preparing an update to their apps to alleviate HTC owners issues. Which if you check the thread out you’ll see more than just HTC One owners having problems. How about you and your HTC device? Are you having problems?

Source – Android Police