Browser and email functions to arrive on the Nook Simple Touch

Browser and email functions to arrive on the Nook Simple TouchIf you bought this and decided not to go for a Nook HD and are feeling a bit green with envy, there’s some rather good news on the way. Barnes and Noble are apparently to issue an update in June which will deliver a browser and email client to the relatively light-weight Nook Simple Touch.

Whilst it won’t turn the Simple Touch and Simple Touch Glowlight into a “full” Android tablet (or add colour for that matter), it’ll at least enhance this e-Reader and make it even more attractive to potential owners. We’ve already had a look around and you can get the “Glowlight” version (with backlight) for around £69 whilst the Simple Touch is a mere £29!

The Simple Touch has a 6″ screen, 2GB storage, WiFi and an 800MHz CPU. If you’re looking for something a bit more potent, have a look at the HD and HD+ versions. The HD is a 7 inch tablet with the full (colour) Android experience plus magazines, newspapers, scrapbooks, apps, films, TV shows.. oh, and books too of course 🙂 Prices start at £129.

If you own one of these please do let us know what your thoughts are, we’d love to hear from you.