No microSD on the global HTC One due to radio size

No microSD on the global HTC One due to radio size
As you’ll know, there’s no microSD expansion on the HTC One. Although there’s more than enough internal storage, news that the Chinese version actually does have a microSD card slot has annoyed some.

So, HTC have been asked why this is. Many assumed it was a difference in dimensions, but HTC state that the radio kit inside the Chinese HTC One is actually smaller, and this creates enough space for a microSD slot. Speaking to TechRadar, HTC stated it was …

Because the Chinese version of the One is designed specifically for the smaller Chinese radio bands, we do have additional space inside the device we were able to use for the microSD slot. That space isn’t available to us in the global version.

Should we stir up the argument about having a removable battery and microSD? Or are you happy with the internal storage already provided?

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  • Martin

    With phones being made so that the internals just about fit the allocated space compromises are always going to happen. The thing is….surely this is just a few mm they are talking about? Unless they make the phones with 64gig standard then they should have a memory card slot. Memory is as cheap as chips so it is hardly gonna gost them a huge amount is it?

  • robinottawa

    Smaller (shorter?) bands = smaller radio? Due to antenna sizes, or what?