EE reset data for last weeks issues

EE have apologised for the network issues that had lots of customers voicing their opinions on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (not from their phones of course as data was the big issue).

Data would be very hit and miss for a wide group of customers last week which stopped them from getting online

As a way of saying sorry, EE have reset every 4G customer’s data use this month back to 0 so you can start using your full allowance once again

EE reset data for last weeks issues

A good move from the first 4G company here in the UK and this will at least make a lot of customers happy that something has been done….now… I am off to start using my 20GB again!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh great, so everybody can download another 30 second video clip, that’ll make the world of difference :)

  • Iain McLaren

    I don’t see how that is fair, it will depend on when someone’s bill is generated as to how much they are likely to have used and how long they have left to use it.

  • james

    i never use internet on my phone, i purchased a 3g phone i didn’t ask or want 4g as i knew it would be same as everything else they roll it out when london and a few select areas have coverage then start selling the product before its ready, they sell 4g phones to people who blatantly won’t get 4g signal, same mess we had with broadband, so giving me free internet means nothing