LG Optimus GJ will continue the waterproof trend

LG Optimus GJ will continue the waterproof trend
It was only a few days ago that we saw what will be the second high end waterproof phone the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and now it seems that LG want a slice of the waterproof pie as well.

LG has announced a waterproof smartphone, called the Optimus GJ. The GJ seems to be just a waterproof version of the Optimus G. They share almost identical model numbers as the Optimus G is the E975, while the GJ is the E975W.

Spec wise it is almost identical.

– Dimensions – 136.9 x 68.9 x 9.9 mm
– IPX7 certification means it can stay underwater – up to 1m – for up to 30 minutes
– 4.7 inch IPS HD display (720p)
– Bluetooth 4.0
– 13MP rear camera
– Quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
– 2GB of RAM
– 16GB of internal memory
– MicroSD card slot
– 2,280 mAh battery

Apparently the Optimus GJ will be available in June in Taiwan and whether or not it will ever appear in the UK is another matter.

I’m not sure whether I’d like a waterproof phone or not, I’ve never dropped mine down the loo, I’ve never tried to use it in a river or on a boat. Yes I can see why some people would need/want such a device. I just get the feeling everyone is just going

“we’ve got a waterproof phone as well”

Oh and lastly do you want to see some models in bikinis holding the phones? Ok then here you go.
LG Optimus GJ will continue the waterproof trend
Source – Unwired View