Windows Phone, why don’t you want it?

Windows Phone, why dont you want it?

A particularly dangerous and infrequent activity has been occuring in my brain recently….

…I’ve been thinking.

Yes, both brain cells have worked overtime these last few weeks as I’ve read the scare stories surrounding Microsoft products.

You’ve probably seen the news. PC sales are down and Windows 8 is apparently getting a re-launch as “failures have been admitted” with the existing version. Meanwhile, Windows Phone continues to be at the back of the pack despite there being nothing really wrong with it.

So what’s the problem? After all this time why isn’t Windows Phone massive? The Nokia hardware is good, the OS is decent and the Marketplace has a lot of the apps you’re going to need.

Is it the simple fact that it’s a Microsoft OS? Or has Nokia lost the brand appeal?

It’s an interesting one, so to those of you who DON’T have a Windows Phone, what made you choose that path? Why didn’t you go for it? We’d love to know, and it only takes seconds to tell us. There’s just one question below and it’ll allow multiple responses. Dive in, or add your comments if you’ve more to tell us..

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