Samsung Push Service gets some interesting reviews on Google Play

Samsung Push Service gets some interesting reviews on Google Play
I usually skim over the comments / reviews but when checking apps in the Google Play. Usually they’re full of comments like “d0esn’t work”, “uninstalled as this is cr*p” or just one-word responses like “Great” or “Nice”.

So it’s interesting to see the comments that have popped up for the Samsung Push Service app. It’s received some very descriptive and rather funny feedback and sets the bar for comments in general 😉

Here’s just a few..

I was casually on my phone, chilling and stuff, and then suddenly my phone did an update for this. I was amazed upon completion as I looked in the reflection of my phone and saw my appearance had changed into a goat. I galloped my way to the nearest mirror and baahhhed in sheer joy. I’m a goat.

I was watching avatar in 3D when this app updated. At first I didn’t think much of it, but then when I took my 3D glasses off I was astonished to discover I could still see in 3D. Everything I see is now always in 3D! My life is now so much better. I also turned blue and grew a tail. Thanks Samsung!

thought it was a joke because of the comment reviews. When I got it installed on my phone especially this update, any unwanted things, whether mechanical or organic, being pointed by my device gets removed from my sight like it was never existed. I was also able to use it to teleport myself yo any places I want! Hawaii, here I come!!!