One on a mountain top. Video call from Everest

One on a mountain top. Video call from Everest

A video call isn’t, despite what Apple might tell you, that special. I remember my mate showing me a 3G video call on the Three network a decade ago so being able to see the person you’re calling isn’t a big deal. Well, unless you’re on top of Everest perhaps. Yeah, that is actually quite special.

Yesterday British explorer Daniel Hughes successfully completed the world’s first video call from the top of Mt. Everest using his HTC One. He spoke to the BBC using this handset and the latest mobile satellite technology from Inmarsat.

HTC are one of the lead sponsors for this expedition, which has seen the climb turn into an interactive experience with tweets, videos and photos sent directly from his phone.

Not only that, but you can see the video call below..

Daniel is also raising money for some great causes, so click on to read more about it…

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  • Applefan

    Leigh your bitterness against Apple is a joke …..

    the reason apple say a video call is important is correct it means the world to my mum to see her granddaughter 5000 miles away using face time..

    I use it everyday to chat to my family ..

    • Rachel

      I think you’re confusing important with special.

      • applefan

        not sure what you mean rachel …

        facetime is important to me and special

        • Rachel

          I think what Leigh is getting at is that video calling is commonplace these days, not a special feature. You wouldn’t say that taking photos on a smartphone is special, but it is important.

          • Barry

            And the same could be said for micro SD slots …????

          • Aidanapword

            I was a big “must have an AD slot” proponent myself… until the cloud options fell in cost to (in practical terms) almost nothing. A 2GB plan from my GSM provider and Google play music … that’s circa 45 GB I don’t need (or want to have to) host on my device.

  • iPhone Fan

    An Interesting article ruined by your pettiness Leigh.

  • Anonymous

    I’d agree that a video call isn’t really that out of the ordinary these days, which I’m pretty sure is what Leigh is getting at! People are sensitive these days…

    Apple did a very convincing job of it, to give them their due. Despite being able to video call for quite a few years, I’d never used it so much since FaceTime came along.