Jolla Sailfish phone is revealed

Jolla Sailfish phone is revealed
This afternoon Jolla are meant to be announcing the first Sailfish OS device and in true new phone style the details have already appeared online. The phone intriguingly is a phone with a replaceable backplate that changes the whole theme of the device. Interesting. At the moment it’s being touted as “the other half”
Jolla Sailfish phone is revealed
Spec wise it is as you’d expect with pretty mid range parts.

– 4.5″ Estrade display
– Dual-core processor
– 16 GB of storage
– MicroSD slot
– 8 MP rear camera
– Replaceable battery
– 4G

Sailfish OS is capable of running Android apps, but having used the BlackBerry 10 implementation of this I’m worried, hopefully Jolla will have made it more seamless and less night and day like on BB10. I like the idea of new mobile OS but I’m yet to see something innovative, Firefox OS is intriguing, BB10 was also on my radar and now we have Sailfish. Which OS will flourish we’re yet to see.

The Other Half phone is priced at €399 SIM free. Shipping is strangely quoted as by the end of the year. Which if it’s true is concerning, the market will have moved on a lot by then.

Here is a video showing the basics of the other half phone.

Source – JollaPhoneArena