Samsung Galaxy S4 sales set to pass 10 million

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales set to pass 10 million

The S4 seems to be selling a lot faster than the S3. Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun has told reporters that the S4 will fly past 10 million sales at the end of next week, making it the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung’s history.

A huge advertising campaign and a strong brand has helped to make the S4 a popular handset, despite the fact that most new features might not get used by customers and the on-board storage is sliced in half on the 16GB version by the enhancements.

There’s a very interesting comment about the percentage of Android profits that Samsung provide…

Samsung, which uses Google’s Android operating system, was responsible for 95 percent of Android profit during the first three months of this year, said Strategy Analytics (SA), a market research firm.

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