You! 64GB Memory card! Cheap! Get!

You! 64GB Memory card! Cheap! Get!Come on, if you have a look in the back of the cupboard I’m sure you’ve got a few quid kicking around. If you can get £32.16 together then you can get a whopping 64GB of storage for your phone. This SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card is class 10 and it’s super cheap.

Go on, go on, go on.. you know you want to … press that button. Just think of all the HD videos you can record. Just think of all the pictures you can store.. the MP3’s you can listen to.

Still here? The delivery is free and everything !


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  • Se7eNMONK3YS

    Wrong price

  • Andy Fielder


  • Charlie

    This is the second time in 2 weeks this website has got the price of memory cards wrong!!!

    • Paul

      Come on, be fair. The price quoted is obviously what it was “at the time of writing the article”. Amazon’s prices are constantly changing. It’s £38.59 as I write this (10am 17/05/2012) and will probably change again soon. That’s 11 hours after Andy (below) saw “£48.30”.

      • Paul

        ok, a little more info… £48.30″ is from one of the alternative suppliers. The one I saw at £38.59 was “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon”. If Amazon are out of stock, then I guess the alternative supplier’s price would be quoted and why we all see different amounts at different times.