Nokia Lumia 925 Q&A

Nokia Lumia 925 Q&ANokia kindly arranged a Q&A session here at the event with the product manager of the new Lumia 925. We were able to get some more information on it and received a lot os answers to any questions you might have.

Be sure to change to 720p to get the best video quality possible and hopefully you can hear the information given. Unfortunateky it was very loud,,,

Nokia Lumia 925 Q&A

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  • frustrated

    I just find it extraordinary that after 15 minutes there is not one question related to the communication functionality of the device, what’s sadly lacking in the market place at the moment is not another phone with a great camera and a nice screen, what we need is a device with a great battery life that can last at least one night without charging and decent use, a device with great reception and crystal clear call quality, we seem to be going backwards in that regard, and even better some non touchscreen options.
    This huge gulf has appeared between overly simplistic t9’s and touchscreen camera phones, and the business user has been completely left behind.
    What we need is a reboot of the golden age of the e-series, a proper business communication device.
    It’s ridiculous that with the option of any handset out there, an old e series is still is the most practical business phone, and communications device I find myself repeatedly going back to.
    Please no more giant toy phones, someone somewhere listen and make an intelligent communications device for adults, or business users that implements some of the tech from the last decade, that fits in a suit jacket pocket without looking ridiculous, lasts for an overnight hotel stay and two business days without dragging out a charger, or replaceable battery, has a t9 option for if you need to text without looking at the screen, or one handed, and exceptional reception and call quality.