Nokia Lumia 925 hands on

So here in London, Nokia just announced the new Lumia 925 to the world and it is an absolute beauty with sleek aluminium unibody edge with gorilla glass 2 screen which is just stunning and a polycarbonate back.

We are about to have a special Q&A session with some of the Nokia team including product manager so we will bring you this later on today

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  • Scot Cull

    OK Drooling I WANT ONE

  • sigh

    how about a hands on that deals with it as a TELEPHONE, and not as a camera….

    • Nobody use them as telephones anymore ;-)

  • Gabriel

    The best thing demonstrated here is the Creative Studio software, which I will get on my Lumia 920, which has pretty much the same specs as 925. Delighted and not jealous – great!