Issentiel Leather Nexus 4 case – Review

Issentiel Leather Nexus 4 case   Review

I own an LG Nexus 4, so as you could imagine I am always concerned I’ll damage it. Not so much because it’s fragile, but because it looks so nice I don’t want to spoil it. I have a ‘bumper’ for it but it just doesn’t feel like it’s going quite far enough.

A few weeks ago Issentiel got in touch with us asking if we’d like to have a go with some of their new leather cases, when I found out they completely cover the phone I was first in line to get my hands on it. They have been very kind in providing us with this case for review and if you keep your eyes peeled there might be a treat for you guys coming the next few weeks…

First off I want to mention the ‘case’ that the case came in. This little box had a nice soft fabric pouch inside that protected the leather case. Nice touch Issentiel, very nice. First impressions of the case are excellent (even if I was at the pub when I finally opened the box), as you would expect with a leather case. It’s great to hold, looks nice and should wear quite well. Here are some photos.

As you can see it has all the relevant cutouts and the front hinges down from the top, it clips to the phone at the top to hold it in place and it does a very good job. My main concern would be it’s hinge being a flexible part, I’m not sure how long it will last. I’m going to come back to this in a months time though so you’ll be able to see how well it has worn. Another annoyance with that hinge is that the cut out for the USB port isn’t quite lined up well enough. It caused the majority of my cables to pop out and not charge, you have to charge it with the case ‘open’ but that isn’t mush of a hassle. A nice touch though is the front face, it’s slightly cushioned which is nice to hold. I know what you’re all thinking though, “White Tom? Why? It’ll get so dirty!”. Well yes, but I wanted to make sure I tested that for you guys! Plus it matches my (currently non-existant) white Pebble Watch. Well after a week of use it’s resisting the dirt quite well. I’ve avoided cleaning it up until the moment I started to pen this review and it’s still just as clean as when I got it out of it’s box. Of course, again, I’ll come back to this in a month so that you guys can see how it’s done in a real world test. After all, no one here at CoolSmartphone is just a writer, we all have proper jobs and do this for you guys in our spare time!

So “Would you recommend it then Tom? And how much is it?” I can hear you all asking. Which is weird, so I must be hearing things. Well yes, I would definitely recommend this case (or company) to anyone. The case is of a great quality, it’s protected my phone from many a (potential) scratch over this past week and it looks and feels very nice. They don’t come that cheap, this particular example is £39.90. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth it, I’m very happy with my case.

You can pick up a case for your Nexus 4 here, or if you want to browse through the rest you can go here!