HTC One vs Galaxy S4 – Part 2

HTC One vs Galaxy S4   Part 2OK, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I make mistakes. I fess up, it was me who caused the break-up between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Oh wait.. no, sorry. The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One video I did the other day… that’s it. That’s where the mistake was. During the filming I stated that the screen on the HTC One was darker than the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact we accidentally had Power Saving mode on, which dims the screen even though the OS shows full brightness. Schoolboy error. Massive fail. I’m buying the cakes.

So, we went back out and filmed a second video, this time (doah) with the brightness turned up full whack and power saving off on both handsets. The results might surprise you…

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  • Neil Gilroy

    Is it telling that you had Power Save activated on the HTC One? I found I needed it to get halfway decent battery life. No such concern on the S4 which really does have great battery life.

    • Stephen Brown

      It’s activated by default so easily missed.

      I easily get through a day / day and a half on the one with no such battery problems.(without power saver)

      • Neil Gilroy

        I guess everyone does different things with their phones and has different expectations.

        I found the HTC One to be a let down. It got very hot during fairly normal usage and I was always thinking about the battery life. Add to this the SLOW charge in anything other than a HTC charger and you have a phone which is hard to “top up” the charge on easily.

        My portable battery pack which supplies 2AMPs to every other device will only charge at 500mah on HTC devices because they use a different charger pin arrangement to identify 1AMP HTC chargers.