5G approaches, data limits explode.

5G approaches, data limits explode.Want to bust a 1GB monthly bandwidth allowance in just 8 seconds? 5G could be your answer, and Samsung have now achieved a speed of up to 1.056 Gbps for up to 2 kilometres, roughly 1.2 miles.

Using a frequency of 28 Ghz they’ve used “adaptive array transeiver technology” to edge us closer to super-super-super-fast mobile broadband. We reckon that 125MB files will fly across a link of this speed in just one second.

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  • Anonymous

    I’d really hope that by 2020, the average data caps will have gone up a bit! This ‘5G’ is most certainly not a standard yet. Even when it is in the distant future, there are so many inherent practicalities with using the 28GHz spectrum that would mean in a built-up environment it would be difficult to improve much on 4G speeds at medium to long distances from the mast.

    I know that Samsung are also working on a protocol to allow two disparate frequency bands to complement each other to address this very issue, but again, I think LTE will have plenty of life before we see any of this. LTE is capable of significant speeds for mobile, and it’s a stable, relatively future-proof technology which will be as much a staple of mobile communications as the old 2G technology is today (which still accounts for more than 80% of your phone signal, I might add).