The Coolsmartphone Podcast, it’s proper good

I love listening to our very own podcast. Stick in on your phone, stream it through your computer, grab it via your Internet radio. Whatever, it’s your weekly dose of chatter and fun. We cover the stories, gossip and reviews of the past week and it’s so easy to get. We’re a dedicated bunch who love having a laugh and good discussion about the latest handsets and network news.

If you’ve got a Podcast app, just do a search for “Coolsmartphone” and we’ll pop right up. If you want to type it in manually, stick the following URL into your app – or just hit the little podcast icon on our website and your podcast app will probably do the magic.

A quick search in Podkicker, BeyondPod should give you something like this.   If you had the old Feedburner URL then don’t worry, we’ve sent our trained monkeys in and things are working again. Somehow the old account miraculously deleted itself.

It’s fantastically good and I really hope you can tune in. Go on, you’ll love it.

The Coolsmartphone Podcast, its proper good

The Coolsmartphone Podcast, its proper good