Nokia advert on UK TV leaves us itching to know what’s coming

Last night in the UK during the The Inbetweeners Movie Nokia had a quick advert. An advert showing off a nice looking upcoming device, or a tiny part of it anyway. The below image was the focus of the advert.

Nokia advert on UK TV leaves us itching to know whats coming

Nokia have also published the advert on their YouTube channel.

They had a few new catchphrases in the advert “more than your eyes can see” and “the new Nokia Lumia is coming”. So it looks like a new Lumia, with some sort of metal framework, a huge lense and a great big dual LED flash. So it seems like what Nokia will unveil tomorrow will be different to what they unveiled last week for Verizon in the US. Which makes me wonder quite what’s going on. I’ve got so many questions to ask Nokia.

– Why release the Lumia 928?
– Is tomorrow’s phone going to be the fabled 41MP PureView Windows Phone?
– Which is it EOS or Catwalk?
– What about the rumoured phablet?

It’s all becoming too much for me. I think I’ll just go and lie down somewhere until tomorrow night. All I do know is that we’ll be at the Nokia event tomorrow so we’ll be bringing you the latest info on whatever they announce.

Source – TechCrunch

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  • Martin

    You know it is all well and good releasing phones with good camera sensors, but what about a phone with decent glass in front of it? A nice bit of optical zoom would be nice? I know the 808 has a 4x digi zoom, as good as that is, it will never be as good as optical.

    I mean, look at this from back in ’09
    surely Nokia can do something like this for a pureview phone? The 808 has a big bulge on it, why not make a phone with a proper zoom? Come on guys surely it is the next evolution?

    • Anonymous

      41MP seems preposterous to me but in theory if it were good enough it’d be quite an amazing facility to have on a phone. With that sort of resolution, in theory you’d not need optical zoom, as that would work out to roughly a 4MP image at 10x digital zoom. However, I realise it doesn’t work like this in practice and each of the pixels would be inaccurate, rendering it fairly useless. As you’ve said countless times before, with out a decent bit of glass in front of it (i.e. a big bit of glass) letting enough light in, and focusing it on the sensor, no image it produces is going to be quite good enough. I should imagine the lens in this camera would be of a fairly wide-angle too, meaning it’s tuned to capture a bigger picture rather than a more detailed one.

      The true test would be to take a picture of some text you can’t see with your naked eye, zoom into the picture and see if it’s legible.

      I have no doubt that this will be a good phone camera, compared to most others, but having a 41MP sensor seems a bit pointless without the optical hardware to back it up, as each pixel it captures simply cannot be accurate.