Samsung Galaxy S2 receiving Jelly Bean right now?

Samsung Galaxy S2 receiving Jelly Bean right now?
We’ve had a couple of emails from Samsung Galaxy S2 owners saying that they’ve just received the Android Jelly Bean update over the air.

So far it’s SIM-free handsets, with Dave telling us..

Upgrade was to 4.1.2 baseband XXMS2 and build XWLSS. Anyone else get this?

Good question Dave, let’s put it out there and see if there’s any more S2 owners who have tasted the Jelly Bean goodness eh? :)

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  • MadMeddler

    Got an Orange monthly that got JB on Friday, FWIW

  • Vodafone got it ages ago….. and yes similar free here too. We should by all accounts get 4.2.2as well but tbh I’m pretty happy as my phone seems stable now…. loads of new settings to play with Inc smart stay which only seems to work in good light.

  • Sim free ….