Microsoft are rumoured to be buying Nook Media

Microsoft are rumoured to be buying Nook Media
Every self respecting ecosystem needs books and magazines, don’t they? Apple have them, Google have them, Amazon have them and Microsoft don’t really have them. Relying entirely on third parties like Kindle and Nook. So what better way to start selling books etc? You just buy a third party, that’s how!

Last year Microsoft invested $300 million into Nook to bring their services to Windows 8. Techcrunch have apparently received a copy of the report detailing the next stage of the relationship. Microsoft are rumoured to be considering spending $1 billion dollars on Nook Media. I’m assuming here that Microsofts plan would be to deeply integrate books and magazines into the Windows Store and possibly the Windows Phone Store.

It would certainly be a boost to both ecosystems if that did happen. The leaked documents also apparently show that Nook plan to discontinue Android tablets as of next year relying instead on third party devices. I’m guessing that they mean Windows 8 devices here.

Source – Techcrunch

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