Yeah, but does that anti-slip pad actually grip?

Yeah, but does that anti slip pad actually grip?Remember the Cellular Line Anti-Slip Pad from last week? Well, it found its way into my car on a semi-permanent basis. Because of this, I decided to film it in action once more, but this time as I drove around…

Again, I’ve got to say, considering I featured a phone here that is arched and isn’t fully planted on the pad, it’s held extremely well. Even when I tackle those round-abouts with vigor, it grabbed hold of the phone and I’m yet to see it flying out of the window.

Get it here.

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  • Scot Cull

    So now we know where all the gadgets end up once you have reviewd them :-)

  • Lee Smart

    Read you review yesterday and ordered a couple of these – they arrived today! I tried attaching one to the vertical wall of tiles in my kitchen and then pressed my HTC Sensation against the pad, still in its gel case, and it stayed there for 10 minutes until I had to peel it off to take a call! Sticks even better out of the case.

    No slip while on the dash of my car either.

    One bit of info that may be relevant – they pick up dust but you just wash it off under the tap and it comes up clean and sticky as new.