Nokia Lumia 928 all but confirmed

A new Lumia device from Nokia called the Lumia 928 has been getting a lot of attention recently although it has not officially been announced as of yet.

Nokia have all but confirmed it’s existence now over on their Nokia US website with a teaser asking people to ‘stay tuned’ for information on the latest Lumia but if you look at the URL in the address bar it shows, pretty much confirming the 928 name.

Nokia Lumia 928 all but confirmed

This latest Lumia is expected to be a smaller version of the 920 with Xenon flash and some other enhancements, but what has yet to be seen is will this reach other markets away from the apparent Verizon exclusive?

Nokia have a big event here in London next week and we have been invited along to see what the company has to announce first hand so keep a look  out next week for all the info

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  • Jack Toulon

    As everyone can see Coolsmartphone strike again with an exclusive! No acknowledgement anywhere that they didn’t find this themselves… This site is ridiculous!

    • Martin

      What? I’ve read this through a few times and cannot see anywhere that Dan is claiming this to be an exclusive.
      You know what, if you don’t like the site, don’t visit!

    • en_croute


      Are you “upset” that this is an exclusive and the site hasn’t trumpeted it (woo we, an exclusive), or are you proposing that this was found by someone else and has not been credited?

  • Dan Carter

    No where in the post does it say this is a coolsmartphone exclusive and the link to the page I saw the content has been included… The Nokia site. The fact this news is all over the Internet means the only true source I could have posted was ‘the internet’