The S4 – Biggest marketing campaign ever

The S4   Biggest marketing campaign everNow, I’ll be honest with you, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is everywhere this weekend. The money cannons from the Samsung marketing machine are now cranked up to full power, squirting a juicy splodge of Galaxy S4 all over every screen you care to look at.

The Samsung PR people have been in touch and, if you have a few minutes, you can have a looksie at their hefty release below. I won’t beat about the bush here, this is massive. MASSIVE. It’s their biggest ever marketing campaign and money really doesn’t seem to be a problem. You’ll see adverts in Britains Got Talent and Champions League then, when you head to the movies, you’ll see it before Star Trek Into Darkness and other films. Details from state that cinema you’ll see it on prominent banner sites in Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and pretty much everywhere else.

This isn’t a bunch of guys with dismal expressions wearing “A-boards” advertising pizza. Oh no.

Oh and of couse, we have several retailers falling over themselves to get you buying the S4 from them. Phones 4U are pushing a 24-month deal where you can grab the handset free with unlimited data on T-Mobile for £36 per month. Carphone Warehouse are pranking customers with this Fonejacker stunt, plus you can get it for £35 per month on Three with unlimited data and the phone for free.

Let us know if you’ve got one and your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

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