Wil Wheaton takes ClockworkMod where no recovery has been before

Wil Wheaton takes ClockworkMod where no recovery has been before

So, you’re a child genius, trusted with the engineering systems of the universe’s most powerful starship. You can realign dilithium crystals and program holodeck worlds, but when it comes to rooting an HTC One you’re stumped.

What do you do? Take to Google+ and moan about it, just like they taught you at Starfleet Academy, of course.

OK, enough of the dubious Star Trek analogies, we’re not on The Big Bang Theory now. Although, by happy coincidence, Wil Wheaton is.

Yes, Wil Wheaton, actor and hero of Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and… errr… well, anyway. Wil Weaton has got himself a shiny new HTC One, and like any self respecting geek, he wants to root it. The trouble is he’s had a few problems with the superuser side of things and took to G+ to get some advice.

Little did he know that Koushik Dutta (one of the geniuses behind ClockworkMod recovery) had heard his cries for help!

Koush is obviously quite a trekkie, because rather than just messaging him to offer assistance, he wrote a custom version of recovery featuring a graphic of Wil dressed in full Starfleet uniform that rolls its eyes and ‘saves the ship’, solving Wil’s HTC One issues with one click.

The trouble is that Wil hasn’t seen it yet, and his Google+ page is still full of strife. I dare say that Koush will be given extra replicator rations once Wil’s back online.

Wil Wheaton Recovery is available to all for download, but it is exclusive to US T-Mobile and AT&T HTC Ones.

For the full transcript of what happened and to download Wil Wheaton Recovery go to Koush’s Google+ page.