BlackBerry Q10 goes on sale across UK – here is where you can get it

BlackBerry Q10 goes on sale across UK   here is where you can get it

Are you yearning for a slice of some keyboard BB10 action? If so, good news – the BlackBerry Q10 is now available here in the UK pretty much nationwide. Whilst some Selfridges stores began selling the device on Saturday, their stocks were quickly exhausted – with stocks selling out in just 6 hours.

The Q10 represents a return to the traditional BlackBerry form factor, with a 3.1 inch 720p screen and a QWERTY keyboard comparable to the previous flagship Bold line of smartphones. RAM on the Q10 has been doubled up to 2GB (compared to the Z10) and the BB10 version number has been bumped up to 10.1.

Whilst I don’t have a Q10, I do have a Dev Alpha C (essentially the developer version of the Q10) running the latest BB10.1 build and I find it a better device for multitasking than my Android-toting HTC One X+, which is saying a lot! BlackBerry Hub is the standout feature for me, but the physical keyboard is very good also – I’m not usually a fan of them on mobile devices.

So then, where can you get the Q10 and how much will it set you back? SIM-free prices start from around £530 and you can get the Q10 unbundled from Handtec and Expansys among others – putting the Q10 firmly in the “premium phone” price range. Carphone Warehouse are selling the phone at £579.95 SIM-free, or from £33/month free on contract. O2, also, are offering the Q10 on contract free from £37/month – they’re also selling it on Pay As You Go for £529.99. Vodafone are, again, offering the Q10 from £37/month, whereas Phones4U plans start from a mere £29/month plus £29.00 phone cost (albeit with only 500MB data).

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  • Martin

    I can see the only people getting these are existing Blackberry users. Boy is it expensive too. Not for me, moved away from these about 3 years ago.

  • en_croute

    I’ve never been sure why you need a data plan, as you have to pay for the Blackberry services as well. (£5.10pm)

    For domestic BBs, T-Mobile insist on a call package, data package AND Blackberry Internet Services (BIS).

    When I asked why we need both T-Mobile data and Blackberry I was told
    the services split – T-Mobile provide the data, Blackberry the email service.

    During their (RIM’s) severe outage (last year?) nothing data dependent worked – Google maps, E-mail, GMail, Browsing, Blackberry app store. All dead for 3-4 days. So what was using T-Mobile’s data stream?

    My wife’s BB Torch is on a 250mb plan, and this enables Laptop teathering with no issues, constant tweeting and an active mail account with lots of attachments. According to T-Mobile online “Current activity” shows 10% t-Mobile data and 90% is Blackberry data.

    So unless they double count the data, as it’s traversng their network, a realativly small data package from your Service provider is all that should be needed.

    • Tom Ranson

      As far as I am aware the new crop of BlackBerry devices no longer require the BIS service.

      • en_croute

        OK, that makes sense – TMob offered me a great deal on the Q10 – without the BIS charge – just got to wait a few weeks….

        They don’t even have an expected date yet.

      • You are correct, the new BB10 devices do not require BIS.

  • christopher adam

    I would love to make an other for the Q10